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We treat our obligations responsibly - there are no salary delays or negative organizational changes. We are also actively developing and improving the system of bonuses and benefits for the company's employees. We practice a system of awarding internal employees for candidate recommendations.
We create clear and transparent criteria for the activities of each employee and the organization as a whole. We support employees in their desire to build a career and provide conditions for professional and personal growth.

The main value of WE-ON is people.

  • MORE than 80 completed projects
  • 350+ Employees
  • 5,500,000 m2 of designed projects
  • 99% of work is performed in BIM
  • Own proprietary software NIKA
  • WE-ON PRIORITY Loyalty and discount program from partners for the Company employees
  • 5 offices in 3 countries
  • (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Minsk, Astana)
  • Minimum 5 events for employees per year

Compensations and benefits for We-On Group employees, starting from the first day of work:

  • Bonus for employee recommendations (Project Manager, Chief Project Engineer, all engineering vacancies)
  • Volleyball (Moscow)
  • Yoga Online
  • WE-IMAGINARIUM (Friday board games at Company offices)
  • Beach volleyball (Saint Petersburg)
  • Fruit Wednesdays
  • Annual salary indexation
  • Mobile communications
  • Taxi
  • Taxi on a business trip
  • Financial support in connection with the birth of a child
  • Financial support in connection with the death in the family
  • Financial support in connection with marriage
  • Corporate day off at the expense of the Company for urgent needs or force majeure
  • Voluntary health insurance
  • PRIORITY WE-ON CLUB – Loyalty and discounts program from partners for employees
  • Corporate day off at the expense of the Company for any needs (time off due to force majeure is canceled)
  • Fitness club subscription
  • Psychologist, 5 sessions once a year
  • Compensation for any specialized training with the conclusion of a contract for working out in the Company.

“Idea Factory” corporate system is operating in WE-ON GROUP.

This service allows each employee to offer ideas and proposals for improvement of the Company, work processes and communication. For each idea that will be implemented, the employees receive corporate currency, which can be exchanged in the corporate store for useful gifts, bonuses, equipment and corporate merch.

To implement the proposals, working groups and expert commissions are being created within the Company; each member of the group will also receive corporate currency for his contribution to the creation and development of the idea. 

Rules for Effective Interaction.

We maintain business correspondence in Outlook, and also, we use corporate Skype as the main messenger for communication. It is customary to respond to letters promptly and always keep your contact details, as well as your work schedule, up to date.

Green focus.

We-On Group cares about the environment around us.

In order to reduce paper waste, we established an archive where you can bring old volumes of documentation, paper, shredded paper, brochures and cardboard.

Once a month, waste paper is taken out by a special company for recycling and disposal. Also, separate garbage collection is provided in all offices of our Company.


  • Yoga online for all employees around the world
  • Beach volleyball in St. Petersburg
  • Volleyball and football teams in Moscow
  • Our athletes participate in professional races all over Russia
  • We-On Group is a regular participant of the Race of Heroes

Corporate Library.

We strive to create comfortable working conditions and respect the desire of our colleagues for development. Our team is gradually acquiring common values, interests and hobbies.

All our employees have the opportunity to gain knowledge with the help of the corporate library. We replenish it every month with professional publications, fiction and scientific literature, including at the request of employees, so that everyone can find the right literature for themselves.

Direct Dialogue.

Traditionally, we hold open meetings with the leaders of the WE-ON Group twice a year. These meetings are necessary to increase transparency and improve the interaction of the company's structural divisions, as well as to ensure that all employees of the Company have the opportunity to directly ask their questions.

Questions for discussion: any. It is possible, and necessary to ask, communicate, offer. "Direct dialogue" is an opportunity to talk about everything, in particular, to discuss plans and prospects.

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