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Twin House - WE-ON Design


20 000 m²



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Saint Petersburg, Budapeshtskaya St.


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“Twin House” is a business-class residential complex located in Frunzensky District of Saint Petersburg close to “Mezhdunarodnaya” and “Bukharestskaya” metro stations. Architectural treatment developed by Alexander Asadov’s Bureau has become a distinctive feature of the project. “Twin house” Residential Complex is a classic example of art-deco building that combines traditional architecture and advanced construction technologies. Strict geometry of facades, restrained range of colors, extensive use of windows, along with high-quality materials used in the cladding have determined the urbanistic look of the residential complex.

“Twin house” will surprise you not only by its exterior design, but also by a number of advantages, which include a wide choice of apartments with individual layout solutions, the guarded landscaped area with playgrounds and recreation areas, underground parking and commercial premises to accommodate retail facilities and a range of services.


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