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RC Nizhegorodskaya 74 - WE-ON Design


28 150 m²



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Moscow, Nizhegorodskaya St.


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"Nizhegorodskaya 74" is an excellent choice for those who are tired of the endless skyscrapers of the metropolis. The house is only 9-12 storeys high and is located like a cozy island near the historical center of Moscow. A chamber atmosphere of the old Moscow courtyard, which is almost forgotten now, is created by virtue of the variable number of storeys and the quarterly type of the building. The architecture of the house is created in the tradition of a soft loft. The exterior decoration of the facade is decorative plaster with a relief imitation of brick.

Natural stone is used in the decoration of the first floors, and the stained glass glazing of the lobby and commercial premises will reach a height of more than two meters. In the evening, the beauty of the facade will be emphasized by elegant architectural lighting. The feeling of comfort begins in the courtyard and continues beyond the threshold of the house: each apartment has glazed loggias and three-meter-high ceilings. The courtyard of the house is closed for cars, and the protected area will provide you and your children with comfort and security.


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