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As we said earlier, the main value in our company is people. We care about the comfort and stability of each employee so that the people feel safe and confident. In the office, we always have time to relax; we celebrate holidays and attend events together, we plant surprises and love to have a great time. We have a tradition of "Fruit Wednesdays". 
Every week, since the very morning of Wednesday we have a sea of fresh fruits in our kitchen to strengthen our health and to cheer up our employees. We support all sports initiatives of employees. Nowadays the Company has teams in athletics, football and volleyball. Yoga classes with a professional trainer are held weekly for all comers.

We create clear and transparent criteria for the activities of each employee and the organization as a whole.



We are scrupulous about our obligations - there are no salary delays or negative organizational changes. We are also actively developing and improving the system of bonuses and benefits for the Company’s employees. We practice a system of awarding internal employees for recommendations of candidates.
We create clear and transparent criteria for the activities of each employee and the organization as a whole. We support employees in their desire to build a career and provide conditions for professional and personal growth.

The Technical Support Service (IT)

A Lead Design Engineer ТМ (thermo mechanical schemes)

Senior HVAC Team Leader

Head of the Administrative Office

Kirill Chebakov


Daniil Sharapov


Marina Samusenko

Head of the Architectural Department

Sergey Smirnov

Head of Structural Department

Sergey Dyrikov

Head of Electrical Department

Andrey Maltsev

Head of Public Health Department

Natalia Permyakova

Head of HVAC Department

Alexey Babinov

Head of BIM Department

Ekaterina Odintsova

BIM manager

Anton Vardashkin

Head of Low Current & BMS Department

Ilya Samokhvalov

Ekaterina Kapitanchyk

Chief Project Engineer

Artem Beryukhov

Project Director

Anna Gorbacheva

Chief Project Engineer

Dmitry Andreev

Chief Project Engineer

Igor Sechnoy

Chief Project Engineer

Svetlana Mironenko

Senior expert of the project

Marenov Filipp


Elena Trofimova

HR Director

Andrey Abramenkov

Director of the Project Documentation Expertise Department

Margarita Tamilina

Chief Accountant

Kseniya Polenova

Head of marketing department

Ekaterina Zotsenko

Head of the Contract department

Alexandra Pankratova

Business Assistant

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